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Paleo vs Vegan? Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

paleo-vs-vegan-thumbTalking with my health coach today from Cadence Training Systems brought up a rather hot topic. The Paleo vs Vegan debate. At heart, he leans towards the vegan side, while I favor Paleo.  However, I cannot let go of  certain food items I feel are important to our diet that are no-no’s to the Paleolithics.

Grass-fed butter and coconut oil for starters- yet another area we do not see eye to eye on. The one thing that we do agree on 100% is the need for a diet that consists completely of natural, wholesome food. When making eating choices, I remind myself of an adage I heard recently, ”If your great-grandma wouldn’t recognize it, don’t eat it.” Simple and poignant and rather Paleo. I’m going to stick with my keto-eating for now, while I keep researching and learning. Take a look at the post from Cadence and tell me what you think.

The battle begins: Paleo vs Vegan. Having finished Cordain and Friel’s Paleo Diet for Athletes (terrific, but not actually Paleo! More on that later…) I am starting Brendan Brazier’s Thrive book, recommended by Rich Roll. Of course, having grown up on a farm and lived close to critters all my life, my heart sides way more with vegan than with the slaughtering of beasts, especially since domesticated stockyard animals have little nutritionally to do with the mastodons and other wild animals hunted by the Old Stone Agers, whose diets we are now supposed to follow in order to…live…as…long…as…they…did…?

Nevertheless, I quite like much of what Paleo has to offer: non-processed foods, no dairy, and an emphasis on the importance of blood alkalinity, for starters. Er, wait, that’s vegan. No, it’s Paleo. Stop, you’re both right.

There can be little doubt that eating a moderate amount grass-fed lean meats and cold water fish is healthy from a purely physiological standpoint. And congratulations, grass-fed butter, you just made Superfood Of The Month!

After being warned away from those evil steel cut oats, whole wheat, quinoa, lentils, and black beans by the Paleoids (they make a good case, I must say, especially with regards to their net-acid effect on the blood), I’m looking forward to the vegan argument as to why they might be included in one’s diet after all.

Paleo vs Vegan

Paleo vs Vegan: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble


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