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Bulletproof Coffee: The Fat Burning Secret

bulletproof-coffee-thumbnailI hear it in the news, I read it in the blogs, but until I tried it myself I just couldn't buy into the "butter is better" anthem that has rung across the nation recently, not after decades of hearing that butter is bad. In my mission to eat a cleaner diet and let's be honest fit a smaller dress size, I have resisted the "Grass-Fed Butter" bandwagon. I struggle with accepting that I should eat loads of butter in my quest for a slimmer waistline.

Today, I’m talking about filling up your tank with Bulletproof Coffee. In a nut shell, its high-octane coffee whipped with butter and topped with a good healthy dose of coconut oil.  David Asprey‘s story starts somewhere with a near-death experience in Tibet at 18,000 feet, saved by a cup of yak butter tea. Yah, I know… but stay with me on this one. From there, he developed the recipe for Bulletproof Coffee: a brilliant combination of three extremely healthy, extremely energizing, and extremely filling ingredients whipped into a cup of coffee that will get you through any morning without needing to reach for those jelly filled donuts.

Bulletproof Coffee: The Recipe

First off you must get good coffee, I mean GOOD. Not… “mmm Starbucks” good, but  rather “mmm this doesn’t contain mold and toxins” good. I’d love to try  Upgraded Coffee, it sounds amazing but I opt for the best organic coffee I can find that does not require I take out a loan to afford!  Next, you need some good UNSALTED Grass-Fed Butter, pick up some Kerry Gold Unsalted at your nearest grocery story chain or if you prefer order some Organic Ghee online. Your  best option- buy from a local farmer.  Last, you need a healthy dose of the coconut oil I wrote about recently. Trader Joes is your one-stop-shop if you happen to have one nearby.

Next, blend it all together with a hand-held blender and ta-da you’ve got yourself a hardy breakfast that will rev your engine!  It’s creamy, it tastes naughty, and keeps you full all morning. All of this AND it burns fat… what’s not to love?

For a little added kick (and metabolism boost) I add cinnamon or pumpkin pie seasoning and a bit of vanilla extract to my twist on the original Bulletproof Coffee recipe. It’s full of creamy flavor with  NO sugar needed!!! Get your engine revvin’ today!

Bulletproof Coffee: The Fat Burning Secret

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 1

Bulletproof Coffee: The Fat Burning Secret


6-8oz of black brewed organic coffee
1 Tbls of Kerry Gold or other UNSALTED grass-fed butter
2 Tbls of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
1/8th tsp Vanilla Extract (Optional)
Pumpkin Pie Seasoning (Optional)


  1. Start with 6-8oz of black coffee brewed from organic, mold-free beans (important)
  2. Add 1-2 Tbls of Kerry Gold or other UNSALTED grass-fed butter
  3. Add 1-2 Tbls of organic virgin coconut oil for max energy, weight loss and brain function- I use
  4. Blend with a pre-heated hand blender or Magic Bullet until there is a creamy head of foam
  5. Note: If your tummy isn't used to healthy fats, you may need to give it time to adjust. Reduce the fat rations to your liking and what your belly will tolerate and slowly increase.


28 Comments on Bulletproof Coffee: The Fat Burning Secret

  1. nichelle eaton // March 9, 2015 at 8:07 AM //

    can imake this with coco powder?

  2. It’s been about 6 months since my first BPC, and I have no plans of stopping.

    Things I’ve learned by experience:

    – I now use a frother instead of a blending cup, immersion blender or any other device. Immersion blenders require a deep container and can make a mess if you’re not careful. Blending cups are not intended for hot liquids and you risk burning yourself when the pressure builds up inside and the top blows off!
    I have both the Produkt Frother and the Aerolatte Frother with the metal stand. Produkt Frother was about $6 on Amazon. Aerolatte is normally about $25, but if you watch their lightning deals, you can get it for less. I put all my ingredients in my travel mug, brew the coffee into it (I use a Keurig), hit it with the frother for about 15 seconds and I’m good to go. The only cleanup involved is my mug and a quick rinse of the frother.
    Don’t try to drink it without frothing or blending – trust me. No one wants to drink an oil slick. Blending makes it like a latte with a foamy top!

    – I had seen it mentioned in various places that adding any dairy product other than butter to your BPC negates the effects of it. I can’t say that’s entirely true, because I drank it for months with heavy cream added (I’m a low-carber), and felt excellent when drinking it – lots of energy, clearer thinking, etc. However, just to see what would happen, I tried it this week without the cream. It’s different-tasting, of course, but I have to say I’m noticing that I feel even clearer-headed than when I’m adding cream to it. I don’t know how else to explain it. This drink, coupled with a low-carb way of eating (not diet, it’s a way of life!), WILL make you feel better. You will think clearer and have more energy, with the added bonus that you will be burning fat.

    – It *is* possible to overdo it on the BPC. When I first started out, I drank 2-3 cups a day. My hair became lank and greasy from all the added fat in my diet from the BPC. I cut back to 1 cup a day (occasionally 2, but very rarely), and that went away.

    I love the stuff and have no plans to stop drinking it – ever. My hair and skin is in better condition, my thinking is clearer, and I even sleep better. None of those things can be attributed to anything other than the addition of BPC to my diet. Is it a miracle, wonder drug, etc? No, not really. But the addition of the “good fats” have made a huge difference for me.

  3. Personally Stephen, I am content with buying organic coffee from Trader Joes! Dave Asprey initially seemed pretty legit, but now has created this entire empire that is striking me as more of a money-making scheme endeavour than anything else. I developed my rendition of BP Coffee after reading his early posts on it, so I had to give credit, where credit was due…

  4. Dave Asprey isn’t the founder and his coffee info is a little cooky. Just saying!!!

  5. Hi Sue:

    That is great advice! I am still struggling with finding a solution at work, as we do not have a sink in our break room (or anywhere nearby)! I have contemplated trying one of those bottles but was reluctant, I am sure it is not ideal but it is great to know it will get the job done. I am happy to hear you are feeling awesome, don’t stop now!

    Happy Monday!

  6. This stuff is AWESOME. As a side note, I did not have an immersion blender (adult daughter broke mine, thanks a lot kid!), and do not own a frother – but I *do* have a shake-mixing bottle (a freebie from a vitamin company with a little insert in the top of the bottle that blends the contents when shaken). I thought I’d give it a shot – and it worked! A word of caution, however – because the coffee is HOT, you have to hold the top of the bottle shut and then open it POINTED AWAY FROM YOU because of the pressure that builds up from the steam inside. I would definitely recommend using an immersion blender or frother, but in a pinch, or when traveling, this works! Just use caution and common sense.

    My first BPC today, and I am already feeling FANTASTIC.

  7. Hi Rick,

    Coconut oil and grass-fed butter are just two parts of the BPC trifecta! There are many wonderful antioxidants and other benefits of coffee that you would be missing out on. However, I always encourage including coconut oil and butter into your diet, especially if it is to replace of other oils that may be harmful.

  8. Hi Mike:

    I would not add peanut butter in my own BPC, as it is part of a low-carb diet for me. IF you were to add peanut butter I would first have to ask if it is just ground peanuts, or if there are additives in the butter. Also, I have to imagine peanut butter would turn your coffee into the consistency of smoothie!

    If you do try it, I’d love to hear how that turns out!

  9. Hi Kathy,

    Green tea can be used in place of coffee. There are both pros and cons to each, I suggest reading this article by the BulletProof guru:


  10. Hello:

    Many people do use this as a meal replacement, however I personally do not feel advocate this suggestion. The benefits of grass-fed butter and also coconut oil are excellent and well worth the consumption, but it is not a rounded meal. A typical breakfast for me starts off with and a cup of Bullet Proof coffee.

    Fortunately, coffee + coconut oil does a great job of keeping you regular as well!

  11. Do you use this cup of coffee in place of a meal. How do you get enough fiber to prevent constipation

  12. Could you use tea instead of coffee?

  13. mike duncan // May 2, 2014 at 3:43 PM //

    any harm in adding some peanut butter for flavor?

  14. Could you pop popcorn with Coconut oil and butter it with the grass fed butter and achieve similar results?

  15. Thanks Zach, GREAT article you’ve got on traditional eating. You have to eat fat to lose fat, bottom line. Today, marks day 3 of strictly no gluten for me. I lost 3lbs in after the first 24hrs, and another 2.5 the next 24hrs. I ate butter, eggs, coconut oil, fantastic cheeses and wasn’t hungry a single minute of the day. I started my day and ended it with Bulletproof Coffee and by my third day I didn’t even struggle to say no to the piece of cake passed my way. I am satisfied, full of energy, and happy!

  16. Great how to. Thanks for putting this together.

    I was skeptical about Bulletproof Coffee, so I asked the creator (Dave Asprey) himself what makes it different. If you’re curious, here it is:

  17. I really believe its the combination of grass-fed butter and coconut oil together that do the trick. Grass-Fed butter adds “butyrate” to the drink which has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as increases energy expenditure, improves body composition, and helps with digestion. It also has high levels of vitamins and helps your body to absorb other vitamins. The idea behind Bulletproof Coffee and a diet that includes healthy fats is not to lose weight as quickly as possible, its to provide your body with the fuel it needs to be efficiently function, which is what burns the fat. Grass-Fed butter and coconut oil should be incorporated as often as possible into our diets, not just in our coffee!

  18. Hi Dorthy:

    The brand is not important, its the quality of your coffee. Unfortunately, the standard process for storing and processing coffee can be rather toxic as it breeds mold. If you are working towards a healthier you, cutting mold out of your coffee is a great step. At the least, find a good quality, organic coffee. Trader Joe’s is my favorite go-to shop!

  19. Hi Angela,

    I don’t find it necessary to melt the butter. Just add it to a cup of hot coffee and whip it up!


  20. Do you add the butter melted?

  21. Dorothy Valdez // April 30, 2013 at 7:37 AM //

    Will you achieve the same results not using an upgraded coffee?

  22. Is it a must to add butter, or just coconut oil will do the energy, fat burning process ?

  23. Hi Dorthy:

    Bulletproof coffee is a great source of healthy fats as part of a regular diet that includes carbs, however fats are not low calorie! The amount you drink a depends on your specific dietary needs. If you are on a low-carb, high fat diet and not counting calories, you can drink as much as your tummy can handle. On a “keto” diet, I usually have one cup in the morning and one in the evening.

  24. Dorothy Valdez // April 26, 2013 at 7:09 AM //

    How often can you have a cup?

  25. Dorothy Valdez // April 24, 2013 at 2:51 PM //

    Thanks, for the info…

  26. Hi Dorthy, you absolutely want to blend this drink. If you do not, you will end up with an “oil-slick” on the top of your coffee. Personally, I couldn’t stomach that, but I have heard a few people say they don’t mind. I use a cheapy “immersion blender” and that works fantastic, however its not exactly portable!

    I understand that the “aerolatte” is a good portable alternative for this, but haven’t tried it yet! I do plan on buying one soon and giving it a whirl (lol); I hear that the knock off versions of it don’t cut it btw. If you find a good solution let me know!

  27. Dorothy Valdez // April 24, 2013 at 10:53 AM //

    Do you have to blend it?

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